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New Year Resolutions – hopes for 2013

HopeNew Years Resolutions – I never make them! I have always resisted lists of any sort, they sound far too much like organisation to me, and being organised just sounds far too boring. However this year, I really have high hopes for the coming 12 months, which I am enjoying as more often than not a positive frame of mind eludes me.  So instead of a list of resolutions that I resolutely resolve to keep, I am making a list of hopes. Hopes for me, for my friends, for my country, for my world! Read the rest of this entry


I am a woman reclaiming my body…

Woman Arise

My body, at last, I claim you! I live here! I am not some discarnate spirit using just any vehicle to get around. I live in the full, round, soft, juicy, wet, strong, agile, capable, spirit filled, nurturing, graceful, flowing, comforting, lovely, smooth, dancing, singing, playing, working, praying body of a woman.


For so many years I rejected my body because it isn’t perfect according to the standards of my culture. I have been unfaithful to it, letting others opinions turn me against it, allowing others to use it without love, without tenderness. Because I myself rejected my body, I didn’t protect it, didn’t demand that it be treated like the precious gift that it is. My body, the temple of my soul, deserves better from me.


I reclaim this body. I reclaim these eyes and their vision; this mouth and its words; these arms and legs and their hugging and dancing. I reclaim these breasts and their magnificent fullness; I reclaim these wide, round hips and strong fleshy thighs and their waking on earth. I reclaim this vagina and all its secret folds and this womb and its bleeding. I reclaim all of my body parts, named and unnamed.


This body is a miracle; it is the first gift of the Creator to me – my birthday present. 


I take this body to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, to honour and love and cherish until death do us part. 


I am a woman reclaiming my body


(Author Unknown)

Arachnophobia – irrational or common sense?


Click on the image to read the full mental healthy article here.

Today I read a post listing the reasons that I should not be afraid of spiders!! This comes off the back of a rather scary meeting with a giant spider in my office yesterday. It was so big and so scary I actually called my Dad!!  Not an easy thing for a grown, independent woman to do. Incidentally my dad was no help whatsoever – being that he was about 30 miles away and far to busy laughing at me down the line to help me or indeed just join me in my panic!  Read the rest of this entry

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