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A Day at the Hawk Conservancy Review (part 2)

With one of my best friends in tow, we headed down the A303 in search of Raptors. The large car park at the Hawk Conservancy Trust was practically empty and we headed into the reception area, which also doubles as the gift shop, to exchange our coins for wristbands.

We went in search of caffeine in the spacious and bright ‘Feathers’ restaurant, happily we were given some in exchange for more coins, and with the help of our map and take away tea, we began to wander.

The feeling of peace was the first thing that struck me as we started exploring the many different areas of the trust. You feel as if you are entering into a magical woodland; Carefully crafted paths lead you through beautiful ancient trees, onto enchanted discoveries as you meet one beautiful bird after another. Read the rest of this entry

A day at the Hawk Conservancy Trust (or how I rediscovered a long lost love) Part 1

Ever since my new found, old love of birds of prey was reignited by the Hunters of the Sky demonstrations at Longleat, I had been excitedly waiting for this visit to the trust to come around.

Milky Eagle Owl

Milky Eagle Owl at Longleat

I have sat through many of the Conservancy’s shows at Longleat, and since I was moved to tears by my first one, I have been inspired, educated and entertained each time I go. I’ve ducked dive bombing vultures and had goose bumps watching a falcon’s stoop. I’ve had the hairs on my neck stand up when the kites are released and I have been hit on the head with the wing of a Milky Eagle Owl. So now, rather like an Eagle’s beak, I’m kind of hooked. Read the rest of this entry

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