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I Am a Woman Sharing Stories

Friend CollageFor all my very wonderful female friends, the beautiful women who share their stories and who listen to mine. I value my female friends so much.  Read the rest of this entry

I am a woman reclaiming my body…

Woman Arise

My body, at last, I claim you! I live here! I am not some discarnate spirit using just any vehicle to get around. I live in the full, round, soft, juicy, wet, strong, agile, capable, spirit filled, nurturing, graceful, flowing, comforting, lovely, smooth, dancing, singing, playing, working, praying body of a woman.


For so many years I rejected my body because it isn’t perfect according to the standards of my culture. I have been unfaithful to it, letting others opinions turn me against it, allowing others to use it without love, without tenderness. Because I myself rejected my body, I didn’t protect it, didn’t demand that it be treated like the precious gift that it is. My body, the temple of my soul, deserves better from me.


I reclaim this body. I reclaim these eyes and their vision; this mouth and its words; these arms and legs and their hugging and dancing. I reclaim these breasts and their magnificent fullness; I reclaim these wide, round hips and strong fleshy thighs and their waking on earth. I reclaim this vagina and all its secret folds and this womb and its bleeding. I reclaim all of my body parts, named and unnamed.


This body is a miracle; it is the first gift of the Creator to me – my birthday present. 


I take this body to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, to honour and love and cherish until death do us part. 


I am a woman reclaiming my body


(Author Unknown)

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