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I Am a Woman Finding My Voice


“Did I lose my voice when I learned not to cry too loud or make too much noise so I didn’t wake up Daddy? Or was it when I learned that talking in church was a sin (unless it was to a priest)?

Was it the first time I didn’t say what was inside of me because I didn’t want to make someone mad, or was it the first time that I said what wasn’t true because I didn’t want to hurt someone’s feelings? No matter now. Now, I am finding my voice!  Read the rest of this entry

Fortune Cookie Soap Review

A Grinch Themed Box

A Grinch Themed Box

Much excitement in the Amy household on Saturday morning when the lovely post man delivered my latest Fortune Cookie Soap Box. I love it so much I decided to write a review on here and hopefully spread the word about this company!

I came across FCS when I was watching the delectably foul mouthed Rachel Whitehurst rave about the Halloween soap box that she had received to review on her You Tube channel. You can watch it here! I immediately went to the FCS site to get on their subscription list.
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