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What I am learning about myself by being a fat person in the gym!

What I am learning about myself by being a fat person in the gym!

My New Friend

My New Friend

  1. Mirrors are not my friend
  2. Sports clothes are not my friend
  3. I am my friend
  4. Most gym users are not my friend
  5. Some gym users could be my friend

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I Am a Woman Sharing Stories

Friend CollageFor all my very wonderful female friends, the beautiful women who share their stories and who listen to mine. I value my female friends so much.  Read the rest of this entry

I Am a Woman Finding My Voice


“Did I lose my voice when I learned not to cry too loud or make too much noise so I didn’t wake up Daddy? Or was it when I learned that talking in church was a sin (unless it was to a priest)?

Was it the first time I didn’t say what was inside of me because I didn’t want to make someone mad, or was it the first time that I said what wasn’t true because I didn’t want to hurt someone’s feelings? No matter now. Now, I am finding my voice!  Read the rest of this entry

A Day at the Hawk Conservancy Review (part 2)

With one of my best friends in tow, we headed down the A303 in search of Raptors. The large car park at the Hawk Conservancy Trust was practically empty and we headed into the reception area, which also doubles as the gift shop, to exchange our coins for wristbands.

We went in search of caffeine in the spacious and bright ‘Feathers’ restaurant, happily we were given some in exchange for more coins, and with the help of our map and take away tea, we began to wander.

The feeling of peace was the first thing that struck me as we started exploring the many different areas of the trust. You feel as if you are entering into a magical woodland; Carefully crafted paths lead you through beautiful ancient trees, onto enchanted discoveries as you meet one beautiful bird after another. Read the rest of this entry

A day at the Hawk Conservancy Trust (or how I rediscovered a long lost love) Part 1

Ever since my new found, old love of birds of prey was reignited by the Hunters of the Sky demonstrations at Longleat, I had been excitedly waiting for this visit to the trust to come around.

Milky Eagle Owl

Milky Eagle Owl at Longleat

I have sat through many of the Conservancy’s shows at Longleat, and since I was moved to tears by my first one, I have been inspired, educated and entertained each time I go. I’ve ducked dive bombing vultures and had goose bumps watching a falcon’s stoop. I’ve had the hairs on my neck stand up when the kites are released and I have been hit on the head with the wing of a Milky Eagle Owl. So now, rather like an Eagle’s beak, I’m kind of hooked. Read the rest of this entry

Hero of the Week!

superheroI’m lucky enough to be surrounded by heroes and heroines, (though I hate to make the distinction because anyone can be a hero regardless of gender, I don’t know why I have to use heroine to denote a woman!). Almost everyday I hear a new story of heroism, a story of how someone has over come odds, how someone has discovered something new about themselves and has entered a new phase of understanding or how someone has tried something new and loved it.  Read the rest of this entry

NaPoWriMo Day 10 – in which I find myself

Treble ClefNaPoWriMo Day 10

I wrote this poem, that then turned into a song, in quite a short space of time.  It became a bit of a song that told in words, the journey that I am on to find myself. Read the rest of this entry

NaPoWriMo Day 7- 9

So, apparently I am failing at NaPoWriMo. It is much harder than I thought to write a poem every day. So today I’ll catch up with a slightly longer piece. Read the rest of this entry

NaPoWriMo Day 6

Flying High, Deeply Rooted

Today has been a struggle to get anything up. But I wanted to still post – I don’t want to miss a day having already started 4 days late!  Read the rest of this entry

NaPoWriMo Day 5 – in which I share a poem called ‘Hands Tied’

Writing poetry is hard, especially when you love poetry and are surrounded by so many poems that you love. Poems which inspire and intimidate in equal measure. It’s hard when you read a poem that perfectly sums up how you feel about something and then try and write something yourself about how you feel. It’s this attitude though, that kept me from writing for so long, believing that everything worth saying had been said by someone else, so it wasn’t worth me trying.

writing image 012

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