I Am a Woman Sharing Stories

Friend CollageFor all my very wonderful female friends, the beautiful women who share their stories and who listen to mine. I value my female friends so much. 

I Am a Woman Sharing Stories by Janet Quinn

“Women’s lives are meant to be shared with each other. I am certain of this because it is what we inevitably do. Leave almost any two women alone together and soon the revelations begin.

When my friends and I get together, it is to get caught up on the unfolding stories of our lives. We encourage each other, cheer each other on, boost each other up, hold each other when we take a fall. We laugh, we cry, we cheer, we boo, we respond. Mostly that’s it – we respond to each others stories as if they are the most important stories we have ever heard. And they are. They are the stories of our friends, and it is our privilege to hear them. To be trusted with the deep truth of any other human being is an extraordinary gift. To be given the chance to listen, respond, and share our own stories in return – this I call womanheaven!

One of the great pleasures of my life is to be a woman sharing stories.”


About amywriting

I love words. I love the way they sound, the meaning they have, the way that they are used. I love their power, their creativity and how descriptive and evocative they can be. Any chance that I get to be creative and use words well gets me very excited. I love poetry, song, art, music, photography, baking, creating, experimenting and laughing!

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