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A day at the Hawk Conservancy Trust (or how I rediscovered a long lost love) Part 1

Ever since my new found, old love of birds of prey was reignited by the Hunters of the Sky demonstrations at Longleat, I had been excitedly waiting for this visit to the trust to come around.

Milky Eagle Owl

Milky Eagle Owl at Longleat

I have sat through many of the Conservancy’s shows at Longleat, and since I was moved to tears by my first one, I have been inspired, educated and entertained each time I go. I’ve ducked dive bombing vultures and had goose bumps watching a falcon’s stoop. I’ve had the hairs on my neck stand up when the kites are released and I have been hit on the head with the wing of a Milky Eagle Owl. So now, rather like an Eagle’s beak, I’m kind of hooked. Read the rest of this entry

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