Hero of the Week!

superheroI’m lucky enough to be surrounded by heroes and heroines, (though I hate to make the distinction because anyone can be a hero regardless of gender, I don’t know why I have to use heroine to denote a woman!). Almost everyday I hear a new story of heroism, a story of how someone has over come odds, how someone has discovered something new about themselves and has entered a new phase of understanding or how someone has tried something new and loved it. 

I hate it when people say things like “the word hero is over used, true heroes are……..(fill in the blank)”. To me it’s underused and can be interpreted however a person wants. To me a hero is someone who, when I hear their story, challenges me to try something new, or do something different. A hero won’t know they are a hero!

I think the reason why I am surrounded be heroes, is because I am always looking out for them. I am one of the most curious people I know, some people might say nosy, some might say talkative, but in being curious and by talking to people I discover some amazing acts of heroism. Embracing my curiosity has been one of the best things I have ever done.

Today I watched this TED talk video….

What a hero! Discovering that through an embracing of limitations you can tap into a creativity you may never have discovered.

This has challenged me – today my biggest limitation is my inability to multi-task. I prefer to give all my focus to one thing and do it well. How can I tap into this limitation and be creative with it, when I have to be a single mum, write two essays and finish a portfolio, try and set up a business, create a website, give time to friends, pay the bills, earn money, maintain a house and so on and so on and on and on!

The idea of accepting limitations is a profound one. How many times have I kicked and screamed against the things that I feel limit me? My body, my mind, my childhood, my experience, my sex, my age, my flaws – the list is endless, an endless list of things that I would rather blame and sulk about instead of accepting, exploring and using as a platform to release endless creativity instead!

Oh the things I could do…..


About amywriting

I love words. I love the way they sound, the meaning they have, the way that they are used. I love their power, their creativity and how descriptive and evocative they can be. Any chance that I get to be creative and use words well gets me very excited. I love poetry, song, art, music, photography, baking, creating, experimenting and laughing!

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