NaPoWriMo Day 7- 9

So, apparently I am failing at NaPoWriMo. It is much harder than I thought to write a poem every day. So today I’ll catch up with a slightly longer piece.

Day 7, 8 &9  – A song titled ‘Whiskey and Freud’ – this song I wrote with my band mate Shane. It took us a long time, some words are harder to find than others. It’s a song/poem about a man desperate to be known for his words and the battle to find them.

Twenty six letters and none of them spell

his escape from this new kind of hell

These damn words lost in the void

sat at the bar drinking whiskey with Freud


Out in the cold shackled in time

he’s kept alive by Vat 69

alcohol fuels his delusional mind

dreams of words that are one of a kind


The Goddess calls for him to come

to follow her into the dawn

she speaks to him the words divine

can he travel back in time


The ground stained red with the blood from his hands

forming words as it dries on the land

The feather takes flight with a new kind of flight

The man holds on as he begins to write


The mystic moon has risen high

the alchemy has not run dry

the story teller reaches in

and leaves her imprint on his skin


The light shines in as he blinks in the sun

Memories of the night that was done

by his side lay the words of his blood

chilled to the bone as his heart starts to thud


The guardian angel closed the door

he picked himself up off the floor

and as his dreams danced round the room

he knew the end would come to soon


Amy Walters




About amywriting

I love words. I love the way they sound, the meaning they have, the way that they are used. I love their power, their creativity and how descriptive and evocative they can be. Any chance that I get to be creative and use words well gets me very excited. I love poetry, song, art, music, photography, baking, creating, experimenting and laughing!

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