Fortune Cookie Soap Review

A Grinch Themed Box

A Grinch Themed Box

Much excitement in the Amy household on Saturday morning when the lovely post man delivered my latest Fortune Cookie Soap Box. I love it so much I decided to write a review on here and hopefully spread the word about this company!

I came across FCS when I was watching the delectably foul mouthed Rachel Whitehurst rave about the Halloween soap box that she had received to review on her You Tube channel. You can watch it here! I immediately went to the FCS site to get on their subscription list.

There are plenty of companies doing subscription boxes for cosmetics and make up, but as far as I know, none or very few doing it for soap. But here’s the thing, it’s not just soap, in fact in the box there is only one soap and the rest of the goodies are made up of mouthwatering products for your skin, bath and ummm air?

If any of you, particularly from the UK are wondering how they compare to LUSH products, there is no comparison. I don’t get to LUSH very often, but I went a few weeks ago, and having experienced FCS products and their scents, they win hands down! I imagine that in general, the consistency of the products are fairly similar, but it’s the scents and fragrances that are so incredible.

I LOVED my Halloween soap box, so the winter one had a lot to live up to. I didn’t do a review of the Halloween box because I actually wanted to use the products first so I had some idea of what they were like. Most of the videos I’ve watched really just talk about the smells, so I waited until now so I could really talk about how the products perform too.

So without further ado – my review of the Winter Soap Box from Fortune Cookie Soap.

fcs21To begin with the company is only located in the USA, Oklahoma to be exact, so it’s always a worry with international companies, what kind of a condition your products might arrive in, and how quickly.  So far I’ve only received two boxes and both have been packaged really well, nothing has arrived broken, melted or leaking. The shipping however is more unpredictable. The company email out your shipping number for you to track the box, and the first box took over three weeks to arrive and the second one arrived in only 8 days!

This months box is a Grinch themed box, the inspired and delightful names of all of the products are just one of the many things that are so appealing about this company. I had never seen the film so I went out and brought it in preparation for the arrival of this box! I loved the film and so did my 7 year old son – though he was slightly concerned if he used the Whipped Cream he would start to grow green fur on his face!

So lets begin with the “Pinch of Grinch” Whipped Cream. This is a body butter/cream that is thick and moisturizing. The smell is out of this world good, described on the website as follows “bubbly top notes of club soda and essential oil of lime and mandarin orange, followed by middle notes of rosemary, and balsam fir needles and crushed ginger, with a bottom note of crisp cedar”. I think that it smells like sherbet – which is probably the club soda smell that I am noticing. The lime and orange give it a really sweet scent and the pine gives it a fresh aspect which is lovely.

It's Grinch Coloured!

It’s Grinch Coloured!

This product is great. I have really dry, sensitive skin and what I love about the whipped cream is that it is really moisturizing without being greasy. I use it on my face and hands and have not turned into the Grinch yet – no green fur in sight!  Even though this product is scented I have never had a reaction to it, like I can with other scented products. The fragrance is left on the skin and is noticeable for a good few hours afterwards.

Sweet drops of gummy goodnes

Next are the “Goody Goody Gum Drops Hydrate Me” . The ‘Hydrate me products are insanely good. The scents are incredible. The Halloween box was Orange Creme flavoured and we are nearly out of that one. The gum drops smell just like gummy sweets, they are mouthwateringly fantastic. ‘Sparkling aroma of sweet and sour mandarin oranges, pineapples, and wild watermelon’. The three gum drops combine to give a super smell that is reminiscent of trips to the sweet shop as a child. These are a solid oil and are supposed to be used on wet skin to hydrate. Actually rubbing gummy sweets all over your body in the shower, then leaving to be absorbed into the skin. I haven’t used them like this yet. I find that they are perfect for putting all over my sons face!! He gets a dry patch on his cheek and a sore area around his lips and nose in the winter, and this is perfect for him. He doesn’t mind me putting it on, and I even use what is left on my hands to run through his hair to ‘style’ it. Leaving him smelling even more edible than usual!

Coal for the bath!

Coal for the bath!

Onto the bath fizzys – these are the only product I haven’t tried yet. I’ve been naughty this year, but still deserve a treat according to FCS – set in the shape of a piece of coal these ‘Naughty and Nice” products smell fantastic. I described the smell as a mixture between toffee and butterscotch angel delight. I’ve watched review videos of FCS products and they are generally always American, and they always compare flavours to something that we don’t have in the UK. I am not sure if Angel delight exists anywhere else, but that’s what it smells like!

Carrot Cake Soap

Carrot Cake Soap

Wow – and there are still five more products to go yet! Lets talk about the actual Fortune Cookie Soap. Created into the shape of a fortune cookie with an actual fortune inside, the scents and decoration of these soaps are fantastic. This box contains a ‘Holiday Cheermeister” soap designed to smell like a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. Unsurprisingly this is exactly what it smells like. To give you some idea of how accurate these scents are in the Halloween box the soap scent was ‘Gravedigger’ and it smelt exactly like fresh dug earth. It was uncanny, and overall I prefer that scent to the carrot cake one. These soaps are hollow so don’t last hugely long, around 50 washes I believe, but I like change and get bored easily so I am happy to have a product that I can use, and then get the chance to try a new flavour when it runs out. The soap is not too drying which for soap and my skin is unusual, and the best thing is the fragrance sits on your hands for a good while after.

Moisturising hand sanitizer in 'Whobilation

Moisturising hand sanitizer in ‘Whobilation

My least favourite product out of this months box is the OCD hand sanitizer. This little bottle contains the best hand sanitizer you will ever try. The product itself is fantastic. I can’t think of anything in the UK that is like this, all the hand sanitizer I have ever used has smelt like anti bac spray, or bleach or some other sanitary smell. I don’t know about you, but I’d prefer my hands to smell of deliciousness! This product is in the scent “whobilation” and is meant to smell like peppermint and cherries, which is exactly what it smells like, and even though this product is glittery and I love glitter, the smell just couldn’t compare to last months toffee apple spicey goodness. That said, it smells lovely and as yet I haven’t even been able to see any glitter on my hands!

Fantastic room freshening spray

Fantastic room freshening spray

Next is the ‘Dear Santa, I can explain’ personal space air freshener. I love the name of this spray. This is a new product to me, and I love it. It smells wonderful. I don’t usually like pine scents as it just makes me think of toilet cleaner, but this is a great smell. Fresh and sweet described as a mix of Pink sugar and pine, I would describe it tangy and sharp, with a musky hint and slightly fizzy. I can’t really liken it to anything I have smelt before. It’s green!!

Bottle of Chocolatey Goodness

Bottle of Chocolatey Goodness

The penultimate product is the body wash. This is in the scent “Cheermonger” and smells like peppermint, chocolate and marshmallows. This wash looks so chocolatey and the chocolate smell is one of the nicest ‘chocolate’ products I have tried, so many chocolate scented products smell synthetic, but this smells exactly like melted chocolate, the mint scent comes through well, and the marshmallow adds a sweet note over the top of it all. As far as body washes go – this one is great!

The sweet scent of Cindy

The sweet scent of Cindy

And last but not least is the roll on perfume in the scent “Cindy Lou Who”.  I was worried about this product, I knew it was a flowery scent, and I hate flowery scents, but this one is pleasantly surprising. It doesn’t last too long on the skin, which I quite like, I find the ones that last longer, are the heady ones that get into the back of your throat when you smell them on the woman next to you on the bus, and then start to make your headache. My only issue with this product is the concept. I get why they made the scent floral, because it’s Cindy Lou Who and she’s sweet, however, Cindy Lou Who was actually quite dark, she was the only one who really wasn’t in the Christmas spirit and went out of her way to befriend the Grinch to discover the true meaning of Christmas. I loved her tenacity and independent thinking spirit, and the scent doesn’t make me think of that, it makes me think of sweet things!

The soap box is great value for money – about £20 pounds including shipping.  You get a lot of products for your money and the best part is they have great customer service. You can check out the site here, and feel free to ask me any questions if I didn’t make anything clear.


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