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Arachnophobia – irrational or common sense?


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Today I read a post listing the reasons that I should not be afraid of spiders!! This comes off the back of a rather scary meeting with a giant spider in my office yesterday. It was so big and so scary I actually called my Dad!!  Not an easy thing for a grown, independent woman to do. Incidentally my dad was no help whatsoever – being that he was about 30 miles away and far to busy laughing at me down the line to help me or indeed just join me in my panic!  Read the rest of this entry


Parenting Advice – helpful or holier than thou?

I find parenting advice a double edged sword. There are always a million different people claiming to be experts, telling you how to parent in a million different ways that will ‘absolutely’ work for your child. Not to mention your friends with children who also have a helpful suggestion here and some well intended advice there.  Most of it is annoying, most of it doesn’t work, most of it doesn’t apply to your own child and some of it is possibly helpful once you try it after you’ve spent ages trying out every other type of technique  just so that you don’t have to take the advice of someone who thinks they know better than you. Read the rest of this entry

This a blog by my friend Emma – who’s incredible journals are stunning in every way. Looking for gifts or a treat for yourself I highly recommend one of her products. I love my leather diary that she made me. In this age of modern technology, there is something wonderful about undoing the strap and opening my leather bound diary when I need to check or make a date, rather than a swipe of the phone and pressing some buttons. And I get so many people commenting on how great it looks.

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