Chocolate Oreo Cupcake Recipe

Amongst the many things that I do – I like to bake! I don’t really cook, I’m terrible at a roast and wouldn’t know where to start with anything resembling posh nosh, but I do like to bake….mostly cupcakes.  So I thought I would share my Oreo cupcake recipe that I tried for the first time this week.  

I made these for my sons school teachers as an end of term present, relatively inexpensive and very very easy to make they went down a storm at the local stay and play toddler group too.

I found this recipe on the interweb some time ago, and I believe that it was adapted from a hummingbird bakery recipe, and I’ve made some changes to it along the way, so who knows where the chain of copyright for the original recipe goes! Here is my step by step guide to the most delicious cupcakes ever –  Enjoy!

Moist Chocolate Cupcake Ingredients.

Step 1 – in a bowl add together the flour, cocoa, sugar, baking powder and butter (unsalted). No need to worry about creaming together your butter and sugar…. trust the recipe – the cakes are amazing

Step 2 – Mix all these ingredients together until they are a sandy consistency. This step is best done in a stand mixer with a cover/guard in place as the dry ingredients can fly everywhere – but I have done it carefully with a hand mixer and it’s been fine.

Step 3 – Measure out your milk in a jug and add the egg and the vanilla extract to it and whisk together. I only ever use proper vanilla extract rather than vanilla flavouring as you can really tell in the quality of the taste.  I use eggs from the local farm as they are free range and organic and cheaper than the supermarket, and again you can really tell in the taste.

Step 4 – Add half the milk mixture to the sandy dry mixture and combine.

Step 5 – Add the other half of the milk mixture to the batter and mix until smooth. Be careful not too over mix as the cakes will be too doughy if the flour is mixed for too long.

Step 6 – Put the mixture in cake cases and bake. I use an ice cream scoop to make sure of equal and even sized cakes. I also use muffin cases rather than cupcake cases.  I find that using the muffin cases, usually this mixture only makes about 10, so a good excuse to double the batter and make 20!

I bake my cakes at about 150 c, but my oven is pretty unevenly heated, so use your own judgement, they bake for about 12 – 15 minutes, until a cocktail stick comes out clean.

Step 7 – Decorate!!  I made my icing with 250 g packet of softened unsalted butter. 450 g of icing sugar and 2tsp of vanilla extract. Half a packet of bashed up Oreos. If you want you can make your icing chocolate icing, but I thought that would be chocolate overkill and that the vanilla compliments the cakes so nicely.  I topped the cakes with a mini Oreo but you can use a full size one if you want!

These cakes are totally gorgeous, they are almost a chocolate brownie consistency, they aren’t a light and fluffy chocolate cake, they are a rich, moist and gooey chocolate cake.

Oreo Cupcake Goodness!


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  1. Yummy! Great job!

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