The Writers Cry

“The expectation is rising, ideas crash colliding, the juices are flowing, anticipation growing. Your fingers itch and dance, as they clasp the pen for the perfect chance. The blank canvas sits and waits, your thoughts with which to fill and chase. You search for inspiration high, chasing at darting butterflies. You search for inspiration low, in the darkest depths one dares to go. You grasp at thoughts as they fly on past, desperately reaching in case they’re the last. And words they tumble, boundaries crumble, as on and on the ink just flows.

The lines between worlds dip and curl. These marks on the paper as sounds unfurl. Words of power, words of feeling, words of soulful deeper meaning. Words that move and words that soothe, words to stimulate and hate. Words to inspire and words to fire, words to give and words to take.

Enchanting stories of adventures told, of dragons tamed and knights of old. Mysteries spun to entangle and snare, with the taste of intrigue in the air. Tales to teach to pass it on, secrets whispered in the morning sun. Delighted laughter brought forth from pain, words that run in the pouring rain. Words of justice and compassion, words of a war cry call to action.

The artist creates with many tools, the author breathes words like precious jewels. Words touch the soul with a light caress or can blast away with a guttural yes! And as the poet’s pain is a song unsung, a writers curse is a silent tongue.

After the word explosive chain reaction the writer basks in the glow of satisfaction…..”

Amy Walters 26.06.12


About amywriting

I love words. I love the way they sound, the meaning they have, the way that they are used. I love their power, their creativity and how descriptive and evocative they can be. Any chance that I get to be creative and use words well gets me very excited. I love poetry, song, art, music, photography, baking, creating, experimenting and laughing!

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